Advanced Lower Extremity Adjusting – Part 1

Advanced Lower Extremity Adjusting – Part 1

Advanced Lower Extremity Adjusting – Part 1

Sunday – 8/28/2022 | 8am-9:40am | Celebration 1-2 

Mark N. Charrette, DC 

Course Description 

This 4-hour hands-on presentation covers basic biomechanics, neurology, examination procedures, indicators, and adjusting protocols for the most common subluxation patterns of the feet that are found in the typical practice. The concept of “The Noisy Joint” will be covered in detail. 

This course is a “hands-on” workshop designed after the principles of DELIBERATE PRACTICE. The doctor/student will quickly acquire adjusting skills for the most commonly encountered extremity conditions. Also covered in this course are simple stabilization and rehabilitative procedures for the lower extremity. 

Learning Objectives 

• Understand and demonstrate the seven adjustments for the foot pronation protocol to include navicular, cuboid, cuneiforms, metatarsal heads,talus, calcaneus, and fibular head 

• Understand and demonstrate the wrist extension adjustment for the knee utilizing listings of 1) medial condyle, 2) lateral condyle, and 3) posterior tibia 

• Understand and demonstrate the indicator and adjustment for the hip utilizing the wrist extension thrust 

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