Are You Marketing with Your Pants Down?

Are You Marketing with Your Pants Down?

Are You Marketing with Your Pants Down?

Saturday – 8/27/2022 | 1pm-2:40pm | Bayhill 17-18 

April Lee, DC, CPCO 

Course Description 

Often Chiropractors are looking for the best new marketing plan or gizmo. While telling the chiropractic story at marketing events, sharing your experience as a chiropractor, and inspiring attendees to come under chiropractic care in your office is a fantastic way to grow your practice, more doctors are living in fear about the compliance issues that can accompany marketing today. 

Seems like since the discovery of Chiropractic, offering a free exam, and/or x-rays has been one of the best ways to help patients learn what chiropractic care can do for them. Unfortunately, this process runs afoul of certain Federal and State regulations that prohibit inducements. 

You want to be compliant but are not sure how to continue marketing in this way AND stay compliant with all the rules. All is not lost! 

Learning Objectives 

• Market your practice AND sleep well at night 

• Learn the rules to avoid inducement violations – this is CRITICAL if you’re offering free exams and x-ray to attract patients 

• Learn what you CAN give away for a first visit that will not break the rules 

• Learn the language and scripts your team members can begin using now 

• Find out how you can use initial visit screening CODES to help you educate potential patients inexpensively AND legally 

• Discover why offering free services to some and not others puts YOU and YOUR PRACTICE at risk 

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