CA Hacks to Grow Your Practice

CA Hacks to Grow Your Practice

CA Hacks to Grow Your Practice

Friday – 8/26/2022 | 10:20am-Noon | Bayhill 17-18 

Fabrizio Mancini, DC, FICC, FACC 

Course Description 

In today’s post-pandemic times, CA’s have a critical role in the engagement and referral aspects of the patients. Celebrity Chiropractor, Dr. Fab Mancini, will share with your insights on how to best explain the value of Chiropractic. He will also share the best “hacks” to enjoy your CA role more and the latest ways to inspire the patient to great health and them becoming your biggest referral source. 

Learning Objectives 

• Why did you become a CA 

• Key responsibilities of a CA 

• How to best support your doctor/s 

• Simple ways of explaining the value of Chiropractic 

• Best practices for patient engagement 

• What patients demand and how to be the one to deliver it 

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