Georgia Laws and Rules

Georgia Laws and Rules

Georgia Laws and Rules

Saturday – 8/27/2022 | 1pm-1:50pm | Celebration 16 

Mark Cotney, DC 

This class is for Georgia Doctors ONLY 

Course Description 

This is a one hour review of the laws and rules governing chiropractic practice in the State of Georgia. Dr. Cotney will have an emphasis on recent changes in board rules, new Georgia legislation and how it affects DC’s, as well as court cases involving Georgia DC’s. This class will aid practitioners as they are reminded of rules which are often overlooked. 

Learning Objectives 

• List chiropractic therapies that are allowed under GA law 

• Discuss the impact of the chiropractic protection bill 

• Discuss the importance of the chiropractic exemption for interstate insurance sales related to state mandated benefits