Methylation from Gut to Brain

Methylation from Gut to Brain

Methylation from Gut to Brain

Friday – 8/26/2022 | 1pm-2:40pm | Celebration 7-8 

Andrew Rostenberg, DC 

Course Description 

This presentation is designed to introduce the concept of gut dysbiosis and microbial metabolism and how it impacts the brain and methylation related pathways. The topics of yeast and bacterial infection will be covered with an emphasis placed on how these imbalances produce epigenetic changes to important genetic pathways such as COMT, MAO, ALDH, MTHFR and more. 

Learning Objectives 

• Explore the connections between gut health, genetic expression, and optimum brain health 

• Cover the recent research that explains how hidden gut infections influence genetic expression which then changes how the brain functions 

• Investigate how common single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the methylation-related pathways of the body are altered by hidden gut problems 

Sponsored by: Beyond Genetics