Stress and Detoxification

Stress and Detoxification

Stress and Detoxification

Friday – 8/26/2022 | 1pm-2:40pm | Celebration 3-4 

Kimberly Besuden, DC, CFMP 

Course Description 

To increase the doctors’ knowledge base on the positive promotion of lifestyle to patients while addressing nutritional deficiencies related to stress and detoxification. Clinical options available to provide support for the improvement of the detoxification process, stress response on the body, and patient management. 

Learning Objectives 

• To present the cause/reactions of stress on the human body and the importance of nutritional support needed while managing patients 

• To present the problem of nutritional deficiencies involved in stress and detoxification in our current environment 

• To make information accessible concerning utilization of whole food supplementation, proper lifestyle for wellness and dietary choices to promote stress reduction and a healthy detoxification process 

• The use of nutritional supplementation to restore, repair and renew the human systemic system by incorporation of patient education programs to support patient’s during a detoxification program and the effects of stress on the physiology of the human body. Additionally, provide testing protocols for pre and post supplementation 

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