The Art and Science of “Health” – The Future of the Hemp Plant as Medicine

The Art and Science of “Health” – The Future of the Hemp Plant as Medicine

The Art and Science of “Health” – The Future of the Hemp Plant as Medicine

Friday – 8/26/2022 | 3:20pm-5pm | Celebration 7-8 

Abby Kramer, DC 

Course Description 

Helping our patients with their pain, sleep and mental health issues continues to be one of the biggest opportunities for healthcare providers today. Our current healthcare system is struggling to address the very essence of what it means to be human and what it means to be ‘healthy’. The first known records of the cannabis plant being utilized for medicinal and healing purposes dates back to 4500 BC. The landscape of our understanding of cannabinoid science and its role in our overall health is changing every day. In this talk, a review of the research and therapeutic applications for cannabinoid medicine will be presented objectively in the areas of pain, sleep, and mental health. You will be challenged to think outside the box on your current beliefs about physical and mental health; and how patient preference, clinical evidence and scientific research all play a key role in patient centered care. This talk is a refreshing reminder that for thousands of years, how we cared for ourselves and each other was not ‘alternative medicine’; it was essential medicine. 

Learning Objectives 

• Define what it means to be “healthy” and discuss the current ways our healthcare system looks at a patient’s/client’s ‘health’ 

• Discuss common sense approaches to improving a personal health ecosystem by redefining ‘what is medicine’ 

• Discuss hemp plant medicine as a factor to improve our approach to physical, mental and sleep healthcare, reviewing recent cannabinoid research 

• Review the history of cannabis and it’s cultural, industrial and medicinal uses throughout time 

• Understand the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and it’s importance in regulating many biological systems 

• Discuss our current understanding of how cannabinoid products are digested and metabolized and the advancements in cannabinoid science to improve their bioavailability 

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