Bernard Bricot

Bernard Bricot

Bernard Bricot


Dr. Bricot Bernard is an orthopedic surgeon born in Marseille.

After 7 years of study at the medical school of Marseille, he brilliantly succeeded the competition of the boarding school of the university-hospital centers, and very quickly became:

Hospital assistant

Gold medal of the hospitals and Chirugien.

In 1985 he created, with the help of some of his collaborators, the international college of statics study of which he took the presidency. (C.I.E.S).in the wake he has undertaken a series of courses and conferences both in France and abroad. Member of the Association Posture and balanced since 1997, lecturer at the school of the Cadre de Bois Larris from 1998 to 2000At present, more than 6,000 doctors and health professionals have been trained in his postural reprogramming techniques. Parallel to his classical studies, he undertakes studies of acupuncture and auriculotherapy, he realizes in his two domains, several original scientific works which will be published at the world congress of acupuncture of Paris. Member of the Lyon group of medical studies, he became a research fellow the same year and teaching the following year and observer at the WHO in 1999.