Todd Narson DC, DACBSP

Dr. Todd M. Narson graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1990 and is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (DACBSP®).  One of only 300 chiropractic sports medicine specialists in the country; 1 of 16 in Florida and the only recognized diplomate practicing in Miami-Dade County, FL. In June-2014 Dr. Narson completed a sports medicine rotation at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. During his time there, he worked with staff athletic trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists and other physicians treating Olympic athletes from all sports.

Dr. Narson was a member of the sports medicine team at the 2016 U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Rowing Trials, Sarasota, FL. During August through October 2014, Dr. Narson traveled with Jamaica’s National Women’s Senior Soccer team as they played tournaments in Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean Women’s Football Cup), their Orlando training camp and the 2014 CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier in Washington, DC.  In 2011he was granted an International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma (ICSSD) by the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (F.I.C.S.) and is the only chiropractor in South Florida with such international credential. Dr. Narson was a member of the COPAG international sports medicine team at the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, October 2011. During his tenure at the Pan American Games, he worked with teams from all over the Western hemisphere including Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Peru & Mexico.

In addition to the 2011 Pan American Games, Dr. Narson has worked with athletes at the 2009 USA Powerlifting; Women’s Nationals, Miami, FL; 2008 Nike Football’s Miami Sports Kickoff Classic, The World Olympian’s Association’s 2008 Star World Sailing Championship at the Olympic Sailing Center in Coconut Grove, FL; the 2007 CONCAF Gold Cup International Pro-Soccer Tournament in Miami, FL;  as well as the USA Judo Federation’s 2013, Judo Cadet World Championships, the 2012 IJF Grand Masters World Judo Championships in Miami, FL; the 2006 USA Judo Open Judo Championships & 2006 USA Judo Federation’s Junior U.S. Open, Championships.  Dr. Narson was also a credentialed treating physician in the Poly-Clinics at the 20th Central American & All Caribbean Sport Games (XX Juegos Deportivos CentroAmricanos Y Del Caribe), Cartegena, Colombia.

Dr. Narson is inventor and developer of the Narson Body Mechanic N6, the first ever soft tissue “multi-tool” used for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilizations techniques such as Graston Technique®, FAKTR and others. In March 2013, Dr. Narson’s Narson Body Mechanic N6 was awarded a United States design patent (US D678,539S). He has been an M1 & M2 certified Graston Technique® provider for the past 15 years and is trained in FAKTR advanced soft tissue mobilization & rehabilitation concepts.

Dr. Narson has lived in South Florida for over 40 years.  He is past president of the Dade-County Chiropractic Society and a 2-term past president of the Florida Chiropractic Association’s Council on Sports Injuries, Physical Fitness & Rehabilitation and has been on their governing board for 8+ years.  He was honored as the recipient of the coveted Chiropractic Sports Physician of the Year award in 1999-2000.

Along with Dr. Allen Miller, Dr. Narson has co-authored the paper: Protocols for Proprioceptive Active Re-Training Boards (balance boards). Published in Chiropractic Sports Medicine Magazine; the Journal of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, Vol 9, No. 2, May 1995 pp 52-55.

Having chiropractors associated with hospitals was unheard of here in Florida until 1994 when a small group of chiropractors were credentialed here in South Florida. As some of the first chiropractors in the country to have such privileges, Dr. Narson was part of the original group accepted into the Chiropractic Division at Golden Glades Regional Medical Center.

Coining the term: “Natural Sports Medicine” Dr. Narson has been educating personal trainers at local gyms and health clubs for several years in including well known clubs such as Club Body Tech, Crunch & David Barton’s Gym in South Beach.  He was medical director for the: 1998 Pan American Race Walk Cup held in Downtown Miami & Medical Director for the 1999 USA Track & Field-Florida Regional Junior Olympics. He also served as Medical team member and treating physician for the 1999 Pan American Tae Kwon Do Regional Qualification Tournament for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and was Meet Director/treating physician for the Sydney 2000 Para-Olympic Qualifier/USA Open-Power lifting held in North Miami.

In 1994 Dr. Narson was asked to join the professional boxing team of Don King’s light weight contender: Lamar “COSHISE” Murphy and was named “Team Physician”. Providing the fighter with performance enhancement training techniques, nutrition and chiropractic care, Dr. Narson worked with the boxing trainers and traveled with team COCHISE Murphy around the country during his 1995 quest for the WBC lightweight title. Coors Lite, Gatorade, Jose’ Cuervo and Jiffy Lube were a few of the sponsors of large sporting events such as beach volleyball, triathlons and professional NASCAR racing that have credentialed Dr. Narson as an on-site treating physician.  Dr. Narson has also been included on the sports medicine teams at the Miami Grand Prix, the Florida Sunshine State Games as well as other national and international sports competitions.

Dr. Narson has had the privilege of being invited to treat the cast and crews of the Broadway Shows: Les Miserables, The Rockettes, & Damn Yankees. To date, Dr. Narson has spent over 1000 hours working “on field” with athletes at various sporting events from local regional athletes, to world class Olympians, Paralympians & professionals.

Sports medicine is on the cutting edge of healthcare, Dr. Narson uses his experience and education with athletes and sports injuries to treat all patients, not just athletes.  Dr. Narson feels everyone deserves the knowledge of a sports medicine physician, because everyone, in their own way is an athlete as some level.

Dr. Narson practices in Miami Beach with his partner and wife, Dr. Corey Narson.  Drs. Narson has lived in Miami Beach since 1993 where they also raise their 2 children.

In April 2015 Dr. Narson became a level-1 certified USA Triathlon coach.