Matthew Howe

Matthew Howe

Matthew Howe


Matthew Howe began his journey as a student-athlete pursuing an education in the area of Psychology at University of Rio Grande in southeastern Ohio. His interest in helping people feel better and be better deepened following a car accident that left him with two broken arms.  Matt relocated himself to Central Florida, where his love for massage therapy was born. Massage school served as rehab for his arms as well as an awakening to his passion for anatomy, pathology, and teaching.  Matthew returned in service to the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy years later as an educator to pay it forward to the students who would follow.

    Touch Education was created in the breakrooms of spas, the chiropractors’ offices, and the living rooms of friends through impactful conversations about the healing process from different viewpoints. Matthew began to connect the dots and weave together a deeper understanding of the human body’s ability to heal and grow. Those friends and mentors that shared their experiences helped him realize his calling to offer his take on the art and science of touch with the world.

    The road of life brought Matthew to pursue the treatment of trauma, in all it’s shapes and forms when he walked with several loved ones through the process of PTSD. After years of research, he developed Bodywork for PTSD. This class brought all of his training and education together to equip bodyworkers of all kinds to treat trauma through touch. “The most important thing to remember is to allow the tissue tell you the story.  Establish flexibility and movement to the parasympathetic side.  Facilitate the change, and let your client do the healing.”

    Matthew runs an exclusive massage practice and teaches continuing education throughout the US and Costa Rica. Touch Education is expanding into helping everyday people deal with the trauma they and their loved one’s experience. He hopes to spread the word of his “simple, but not easy” approach to self-care throughout the world.

    Matt currently lives in Central Florida with the love of his life, Nicole, two inspiring and awesome boys, a crazy dog and a lazy cat. In their free time, they enjoy music, kayaking, time in nature, the occasional movie, and supporting Liverpool FC.  Every day offers adventure emanating from an endless curiosity.

“I know that no single approach or modality is the right one for every client, that is why my practice and classes are engineered to be integrative in nature.”  Matthew states.  “Each client and student has a story to tell and the ability to reach the goals they set.  My job is to foster an ecosystem that promotes change.”