Robert Willix Jr.

Robert Willix Jr.

Robert Willix Jr.


Dr. Robert Willix received his undergraduate degree in Biology form Boston College and then his master’s in biology From Seton Hall University. Dr. Willix was registered in an MD/PhD program at U. of Missouri in Columbia from 1964 to 1969 when he completed his Medical Degree and went on to the U. Michigan in Ann Arbor for his Straight Surgical Internship and his residency in General and Cardiovascular Surgery training in 1975.

He was the first Board Certified Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon in the State of South Dakota. He served as Associate Professor in Surgery at the U. Of South Dakota Medical School and pioneered the first Open Heart Surgical Program in that state.

In 1981 he left CV Surgery to begin a career in Integrative Medicine that has now spanned 38 years. He has authored 5 Books, hundreds of Presentations and Articles over the past 4 decades.

He has been a recipient of various awards in Preventative and Age-management Medicine including the Kaul Foundation award for Pioneering the field of Preventative Medicine and the Alan Mintz award for excellence in Age Management Medicine. He is considered one of the founders of Age Management Medicine movement.

He was the former Chief Medical Officer(CMO) of Cenegenics Medical Institute and currently is the CEO/Founder of Enlightened Living Medicine in Boca Raton, Fl, the CMO of LiquIVida Lounge and CMO of Hippocrates Health Institute , one of the largest and first programs in the world teaching that lifestyle and plant based nutrition prevents disease and improves the immune system by combating inflammation.

He has maintained his status as an avid athlete after completing 14 marathons over 50 triathlons and the prestigious IRONMAN WORLD GAHMSPIONSHIP in Kona Hawaii.