Adjusted Reality: The 3 Secrets to AI and Digital Health


1. Explain the foundational concepts of clinical algorithm technology, behavior change
science, and data privacy/security in the context of healthcare and chiropractic practice.

2. Evaluate various clinical use cases of AI in chiropractic, focusing on outcome improvement, evidence–
based care, and patient compliance.

3. Implement strategies for utilizing remote therapeutic monitoring and big data analytics to enhance
patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and manage risks associated with AI technologies.

Description: This continuing education course for chiropractors delves into the transformative potential of
artificial intelligence AI and digital health technologies within clinical practice. Participants will gain a
comprehensive understanding of how clinical algorithm technology, behavior change science, and data privacy
are revolutionizing healthcare and chiropractic care. The course will explore the implications of big data
analytics, risk management, and the integration of AI in enhancing patient outcomes and compliance. By
examining real-world use cases and remote therapeutic monitoring, chiropractors will learn how to leverage
these technologies to drive value creation and improve patient care.