Advanced Sports Rehab Modalities: Integrating an Active Rehab System and the 5 Factors of Healing


1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of advanced sports rehab modalities, including
passive therapies, flexibility exercises, and active model rehabilitation.

2. Implement an active model management system to effectively manage and treat sports injuries.

3. Integrate the “5 Factors of Healing” into clinical practice to enhance patient outcomes and promote
overall wellness.

Description: Join Dr. Dan Reyes, an esteemed Certified Sports and Rehab Specialist with over 37 years of
experience, for an engaging and informative post-graduate class on advanced sports rehab modalities. This
course is designed for chiropractors seeking to enhance their expertise in sports injury management and
rehabilitation. Dr. Reyes will share his extensive knowledge and innovative approaches, including an Active
Model Management System, to help practitioners effectively evaluate and treat sports-related injuries.
Attendees will gain insights into various therapeutic techniques and the “5 Factors of Healing,” aimed at
optimizing patient outcomes and promoting overall wellness.