Advanced Strategies in Managing and Diagnosing Common Spinal Pathologies/Subluxations

This course, titled “Advanced Strategies in Managing and Diagnosing Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries,” is designed to deepen understanding of the mechanics behind car crashes and their impact on the human body. You’ll learn how to accurately diagnose injuries commonly associated with vehicle collisions, including whiplash and ligament and joint damage. The program highlights the use of evidence-based management strategies, with a focus on chiropractic care that addresses structural and mechanical issues. Enhancing diagnostic assessment capabilities and utilizing the right diagnostic tools for effective treatment planning are core components. The course also emphasizes the importance of effective communication with both patients and interdisciplinary teams to improve treatment outcomes. Engaging with real-world cases, participants will refine their ability to apply knowledge and skills in a practical setting, improving their management of injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the mechanisms of injury in motor vehicle collisions (MVCs) and their potential impact on the human body
  • Develop expertise in diagnosing common Spine related injuries, including whiplash, fractures, and soft tissue injuries
  • Learn evidence-based approaches to effectively manage spine injuries, including pain management and rehabilitation techniques
  • Gain proficiency in conducting thorough assessments and utilizing diagnostic tools to inform treatment decisions

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