An Integrative Approach to Concussions, Played on the Field of Life

Course Description 

Many are familiar with concussion diagnosis when sports are involved. But few think of concussions when witnessing falls on the park, in the airport, at the grocery store, or at home. As chiropractors ARE seeing AND TREATING concussed patients, do we know the ethical boundaries in place when witnessing, diagnosing, treating these injuries? Micky Collins published this article in 2016 that looked at concussion approaches from a multidisciplinary perspective in which he referenced his 6 subtypes of concussion: 1.Migraine (+ Autonomic and Sleep), 2. Affective (Mood), 3. Cognitive, 4. Cervical, 5. Oculomotor/Vision, 6. Vestibular Attendees will learn what a concussed individual goes through from the time they get injured until they are diagnosed. As well, all chiropractors will be reminded of how each discipline looks at and has the authority to treat concussion through their scope. 

Learning Objectives 

• Identify concussion in one of the six subtypes 

• Differentiate your scope of practice when in the office, in public area, in Athletic Team of High School or College Programs 

• Demonstrate one diagnostic test that can be used to quickly identify a concussed individual 

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