Chiropractic Clinical Gems & Best Patient Outcomes

DC Session –  Dr  Chris Oswald owns and operates one of the largest Multidisciplinary clinics in a Canada ,  11 full time chiropractors, a team of massage therapists, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths and more. He and his team created the Jaw Centre that builds on the evidence based results driven Jaw and facial pain program that they teach all over NA. Averaging over 80 new patient referrals from the Dental community per week!

Having assessed over 30,000 unique patients himself and his clinic sees over 55,0000 patient visits annually he has learnt a great deal . He brings his lessons learned over 35 years and offers us “Chiropractic Clinical Gems & Best Patient Outcomes ” the most common 10-12 mis-diagnosed, mismanaged and mistreated conditions that when eliminated dramatically change the advancement of chronic pain from primary care !

Supported by Evidence-Based Stretching Methods, Ergonomics and Topicals the ordinary becomes the extraordinary.

60%  lecture

40% palpation and technique to support the 10 clinical pearls above