Developmental Neurological Disorders and Their Relationship to Primitive reflexes. Cutting Edge Assessment and Interventions for Chiropractors

Perhaps the most important social and health issue of our time is the epidemic rise in neurological developmental disorders such as ADHD, ASD, Learning Disabilites, behavioral disorders and socialization issues. Why are these issues increasing so rapidly and what is actually happening in the brain in these individuals? These are very important questions, and in this class, Dr. Robert Melillo will present the most comprehensive answer to these questions.  Based on 20 years of his own teaching, research, and results from the tens of thousands of kids and families he and his centers have worked with, he will also present the most comprehensive solution to these problems ever developed. The relationship between motor development and cognitive development and how this relates to early milestones and retained primitive reflexes is presented in an understandable and practical way.  Why do individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders also have immune, digestive, and autonomic dysregualtion as well? Dr. Melillo ties all this together with his understanding of the polyvagal theory, brain hemisphericity and a wholistic understanding of how the brain and the hemispheres regulate everything from a chiropractic perspective. This will be one of the most fascinating and useful courses you will ever take!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand What is Happening in the brain of a child with neurodevelopmental issues like ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, OCD etc.
  • Learn how to assess and correct for retained primitive reflexes in children, adolescents, and adults
  • Learn about the relationship between Hemispheric imbalances, primitive reflexes, Polyvagal system, and autonomic immune and digestive dysregulation
  • Learn how to do a comprehensive history and examination in Children &, Adolescents to identify the specific makeup of their hemispheric imbalance and how it relates to their physical
  • Learn how to develop a specific comprehensive, multimodal treatment plan to create long term improvement and correction in neurobehavioral disorders.