Documenting Care for Patient Athletes: Who, Where and When

Course Description 

Every chiropractor is treating athletes from pee-wee to high school to the professionals, and many high school teams are taking a play from “The Pro’s” and beginning to include chiropractors as part of the on-site medical staff. As the popularity of the team chiropractor grows, we all need to be prepared to handle both the treatment and the documentation appropriately. When you are with an athlete on the field, at practice or in the training room, efficiency is key. This course will be held in an interview fashion with Chiropractors from Pro Baseball teams & Pro Hockey teams. These interviews will outline the differences of documentation when treating athletes in your office vs. in the training room, when to refer to other professionals on the sports medicine team, as well as how you get paid and when/where to send the bills. The Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act of 2018 allows an athlete or a team to travel and treat in other states, but how you document the coordination of care during travel might depend on the type of team or athlete you are traveling with. Whether you are considering being a chiropractor for a local or professional team, knowing the details of this class will aid your communication with the community that you treat! 

Learning Objectives 

• Identify when to treat/document/record your patient-athlete encounter as well as what CPT codes are appropriate 

• Recognize when to document the coordination of care when referring to other professionals 

• Differentiate the treatment protocols between athletes in the office vs. training room 


Dr. Winchester’s power points: DNS & THE ROTATIONAL ATHLETE