Exposing the TRUTH about Plantar Fasciitis


1. Learn to earn the epidemiology and biomechanical etiology of Plantar Fasciitis

2. Learn to earn assessment and differential diagnosis of PF and

3. Learn the art of specific manipulation of the main clinical causation of PF.

4. Will be able to apply this clinical content in their practice and learn how to develop a level of confidence
and competence in treating plantar fasciitis.

Description: Research studies disclose Plantar Fasciitis PF affects approximately 2 million people per year.
This class provides participants with a differentiation of facts from fiction regarding this painful and often
debilitating condition. Attendees will be exposed to the TRUTH and will witness the unveiling of “hidden
secrets” for accurately diagnosing and treating PF. This powerful, content-rich, high-energy presentation also
features x-ray findings, biomechanics, and palpation including time-tested and proven adjustive techniques for
treating PF. Live demonstrations and hands-on technique workshop included.