Great Posture, Great Health Research on the Effects of Posture and Overall Health


1. Gain an improved understanding of research principles and study design:
– Explore the fundamental principles of research study design as they relate to posture and health
– Analyze different research methodologies used in posture studies and their appropriateness for various
age groups.

2. Understand the interpretation of the collected data:
– Interpret posture-related data collected across different populations, including pediatric, adult, and
geriatric groups.
– Discuss the significance and implications of research findings on posture for clinical practice.

3. Articulate the current research findings on posture to their clinical populations:
– Communicate effectively with peers, colleagues, and patients about the impact of posture on overall
– Develop strategies to integrate research findings into patient education and treatment plans.

Description: This course offers a comprehensive exploration of the impact of posture on overall health through
current research findings. Participants will delve into various population groups, from pediatric to geriatric, to
examine posture-related data collection methods, study design principles, data interpretation, and limitations.
Attendees will gain the skills to effectively communicate research findings to peers, colleagues, and patients.