Headaches: To Adjust or Not to Adjust…That is the Question

Headaches: To Adjust or Not to Adjust…That is the Question 

Course Description 

Although 15% of Americans are currently under care of a chiropractor, most Americans know Chiropractic care for reducing pain with a non-pharmacological approach in 2 major areas: low back pain and headaches. Did you know that more people suffer from migraine headaches than diabetes + asthma combined in this country? This class takes a hands-on approach for chiropractic attendees to widen their consideration of diagnosis when this very common symptom is presented. Attendees will be able to better avoid medical treatment errors when they are looking for red flags that this multifaceted approach considers. 

Learning Objectives 

• Differentiate a musculoskeletal headache and head pain caused from other areas of imbalance 

• Introduce treatment options other than manipulation 

• Garner further knowledge of current research supporting headaches 

Dr. Howard Power Point Slides: Headache panel

Dr. Charrette Powerpoint Slides: 4 Global Postural Distortions Commonly found Together

Dr. Tohtz Powerpoint Slides: Plenary Panel Acup and CST for headaches

Dr. Schilaty Powerpoint Slides: Biomechanical