Infectious Personality- How Infections Alter Brain Function, Memory, and Mood


1.An understanding of the immune system and impact of infections and documenting findings

2. Pathways involved in mood disorders and how infections can manipulate them

3. The proper tests to run for those with mood disorders.

Description: With mood disorders (anxiety, depression) being a top reason for disability it is important we are
at the forefront of diagnosis and treatment. This 2-hour mandatory course will cover essential documentation,
and coding for treating your patient. Traditional methods, SSRIs, SNRIs, etc. leave much to be desired often with
some heavy negative side effects. These patients are left with very little options from both the natural and
pharmaceutical worlds. The role of infections in the pathogenesis of different mood disorders may hold the key
for those patients who are not responding to previously effective therapy. Some viruses can directly infect the
central nervous system while other microbes can manipulate nervous system function from a distance. Join us
as we explore this topic from a molecular perspective with clinically actionable therapies and protocols. We will
also review these concepts and therapies with real-world patient cases and document them correctly.