Integration of Cannabidiol (CBD oil) for Chiropractic Physicians

Course Description 

In this session attendees will learn the history, development and current utilization of industrial hemp products/CBD oil and their uses in healthcare. This course will discuss the healthcare revolution as it occurred in 2012 and subsequent global media explosion that started research in 52 countries, it will include treatment categories by the Mayo Clinic and database management by John’s Hopkins University. Information regarding guidelines for diagnoses, drug interaction and loading dose approach will be briefly discussed. legal considerations will be reviewed from a state and federal level. 

Learning Objectives 

• Learn the difference between controlled and non-controlled CBD products as approved for use by the FDA within the United States and Florida 

• Identify discuss and differentiate between medicinal marijuana products and non-controlled CBD oil as it relates to prescription and nonprescription treatment 

• Learn about the history of hemp-based CBD oil in the United States and its utilization in healthcare as well as other non-healthcare related industries 

• Review and understand the data as it relates to CB one and CB two receptors and how that will play an integral role with their patients’ healthcare management 

• Learn about the involvement of Johns Hopkins University outpatient treatment program and data acquisition as well as treatment categories currently being developed by the Mayo Clinic as it relates to CBD oil intervention