It’s NOT Sciatica: Exploring DDX and Case management of LBP with radiating pain


1. Identify the key differentiating factors between sciatica and other potential causes of lower
back pain with radiating symptoms, utilizing patient history and clinical examination findings.

2. Analyze the appropriate scenarios for adjusting treatment plans, performing specific therapies, and
making referrals based on the differential diagnosis outcomes.

3. Implement evidence-based diagnostic and management strategies to enhance clinical decision-making
and improve patient outcomes in cases of lower back pain with radiating pain.

Description: Managing lower back pain LBP involves differentiating between various potential causes, which
is crucial for effective treatment. The differential diagnosis DDX process helps healthcare professionals
identify the underlying issues contributing to LBP. This outline provides a structured approach to diagnosing,
deciding when to adjust, when to perform therapy, when to refer out, and how to carry out each step