Leadership Mastery: All the Reward Without the Risk

Course Description

Risk management starts at the top. Leaders who do not develop and improve their leadership and communication skills leave themselves vulnerable to a wide variety of risks. Leadership styles and their associated effectiveness have gone through a massive evolution and will continue to advance. This interactive session will focus on implementing the most innovative and effective leadership concepts of the 21st century to reduce risks to your practice related to both employees and patients. Mission-critical content with practical applications from the leadership literature provides an evidence-based approach to reducing risk. Leaders in attendance will be surveyed to discover their own leadership styles and areas of risk. Discussion of reducing risk and improving outcomes through the appropriate and ethical use of Purpose, People, and Process will be the guidepost for practices moving forward. The mix of concept and application will give practice leaders not only the ammunition but also the “guns” to hit their goals and do it in a way that minimizes, if not eliminates, risk.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the science of self-awareness and emotional intelligence to improve communication skills and teamwork
  • Understanding the science of human motivation, and how we can reduce the risk of employee challenges through behavior change science
  • Learning and applying role-based employment and how to interview, hire, develop and fire for maximal results
  • Learning and applying evidence-based quantitative process management to eliminate defects, and reduce clinical, administrative, HR, and financial risks
  • Understanding the science of a mission and values-driven practice to stay on the ethical path to communication, practice culture, and growth

Sponsored by: Kaizenovate