Leaky Gut: The 4 R’s to Healing Your Gut


1. Recognize and Diagnose Gut Issues
– Identify the signs and symptoms of leaky gut and understand who is at risk.

2. Understand the Root Causes and Treatment Gaps
– Learn about the top causes of leaky gut and where current treatment protocols often fall short.

3. Implement the 4 R’s Approach to Healing
– Utilize the 4 R’s Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair) to develop comprehensive treatment plans
incorporating lifestyle, nutritional, and supplemental options for gut health.

Description: This comprehensive course delves into the critical issue of leaky gut syndrome, exploring its
causes, signs, symptoms, and holistic approaches to healing. Dr. Bartholomew M. Precourt will guide
attendees through the process of recognizing gut issues in patients, identifying where common treatment
protocols fall short, and understanding the top causes of leaky gut. The course will also cover the 4 R’s
approach to repair: Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, and Repair. Lifestyle changes, nutritional strategies, and
supplemental options will be discussed to provide a robust framework for clinicians to support their patient’s digestive health effectively