Lessons Learned from the COVID19 Pandemic


1. Understand the origins and mechanisms of SARSCoV2 transmission.

2. Appreciate methods to assess and reduce human-to-human transmission.

3. Grasp the fundamentals of treating COVID19 illness and managing long-term sequelae.

4. Analyze the increase in mortality during the pandemic and its epidemiological determinants.

Description: This course provides a comprehensive review of the COVID19 pandemic, focusing on the four
pillars of pandemic response: contagion control, early ambulatory therapy, in-hospital care, and vaccination. Dr.
Peter McCullough will draw on his extensive experience, including insights from his historic US Senate
testimony in 2020, to highlight key lessons learned. Attendees will gain a deep understanding of the origins and
transmission of SARSCoV2, strategies for effective contagion control, fundamentals of COVID19 treatment,
and the epidemiological determinants of increased mortality during the pandemic. The course also explores the
importance of early intervention and multidisciplinary approaches in reducing hospitalizations and fatalities.