Mental Health Tsunami Integrative Health Call To Action: Our Ethical Duty

Have you noticed the increased relationship between mental stress, opioids, and addiction in your practice? We have invited White House Surrogate and national expert, Dr. Rosa, along with the panelist and your local community to bring understanding to the buzz phrase that everyone is using: mental health tsunami. There is an overwhelming need to understand addiction and mental health, it is our mission to provide clinical and community expertise, so you stay abreast of the tsunami that is forming in your local community. Between this plenary session and the next clinical session, our goal is to arm you with both the awareness and resources to share how Chiropractic is more of a solution than people realize. Risks come in all forms, and protecting yourself and your patients is key, as we all encounter the tsunami that is forming around mental health in the next few years

Sponsored by: NCMIC