Microbes and Biofilms – Their Roles in Detoxification and Chronic Inflammation

Our bodies are host to literally trillions of microbes – as they go about their lives, they influence ours. Only in the last few decades have we begun to understand the magnitude of the microbiome. The term “microbiome” surged in public awareness over the last 20 years. It describes the microorganisms coexisting in our bodies – bacteria, viruses, fungi.

They provide us with benefits we are only beginning to grasp – hydration, nutrient synthesis, protection against pathogens, tissue healing, and more. In short, we need them.

But not all microorganisms bring benefits – balance is essential. What happens when balance is lost? Dysbiosis. Our bodies not only lose the benefits the good guys bring, they have an additional mountain of metabolic refuse to manage – thanks to opportunists or invaders, or both.

Dysbiosis, wherever it occurs, has system wide effects. That’s why gut health is foundational care in Functional Medicine. And why the oral microbiome is also emerging as a crucial part of routine care.

Please join Dr. Kristen Klos Maki for an in depth discussion of the microbiome, its clinical relevance, why you need to evaluate every patient for dysbiosis, and simple clinical solutions for restoring balance.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the clinical relevance of the microbiome and dysbiosis
  • Biofilms and their role in chronic illness
  • Natural treatment strategies

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