Multidisciplinary Practice the Right Way The Dos and Don’ts of Integrative Practice


1. Strategies for enhancing collaboration among healthcare professionals

2. Key staffing considerations for multidisciplinary healthcare practices

3. Ensuring compliance with Medicare and Federal Health Insurance Program staffing standards

4. Best practices and potential pitfalls of integrating chiropractic and medical care

Description: Recent changes in the laws guiding multidisciplinary practices in Michigan means that we will see
increased collaboration of licensees from various professions practicing together. Most notably, licensees in the
professions of medicine and chiropractic have begun to converge for the expressed purpose of delivering
comprehensive services to patients whose conditions warrant a joint approach. Collaborative arrangements
between professionals have the potential for providing effective care in a convenient delivery system for
patients. This presentation will provide you with the dos and don’ts of integrative practice so that, if you
choose, you can do it the right way.