Natural Medicine Solutions for Common Conditions in a Chiropractic Primary Care Office

In this stand alone session, Dr Kleber will discuss how a primary care practice can function in a chiropractic office. Using the full scope of practice will benefit not only the doctors but the patients they have the privilege to serve. Case studies of common disease processes seen in chiropractic primary care offices will be presented. Various interesting laboratory tests will be taught so that the doctor can start using these tests in their office immediately.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the need patients have for responsible diagnostics and safe, natural common sense approaches to various disease processes
  • Teach basic laboratory tests that all chiropractic physicians should have at their disposal regardless of the type of practice they choose to have
  • Case studies will enlighten the attendees and help them understand how diagnostics and natural therapies can help them provide better and more comprehensive care for their patients

Sponsored by: Biotics Research Corporation


Presentation Notes
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