Treating the Female Patient

There is an epidemic of overprescribing of birth control, anti depressants, HRT, bio identical hormones, thyroid medication, stimulants, and many other unnecessary medications or procedures that are no more than a dangerous piece of duct tape put over the female “check engine light”.

If we don’t talk to our women patients, who will?   Now is the time.  We are surrounded by colleagues who are leaders in women’s nutrition.  We must start working as a team.  If you do not want to do this type of work, that’s fine, but make sure you are helping them find the right person.

Women’s health issues are complicated and messy.  But the body wants to be well and often it takes a few small steps to get her moving in the right direction.  There are no short cuts but there are REAL solutions.  It is time to take back our health and all decisions surrounding it.

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