Florida Laws, Rules, and Legislative Update: Protecting Your Practices

All NEW content based upon the changing Florida laws and insurance climate in Florida.  Attendees will learn:

  • 2023 Legislative Update – PIP and MBI; Bill to impact Diplomates
  • Increase in fraud complaints by auto insurers? What it’s about
  • Florida fraud statutes and pitfalls to avoid
    • Marketing companies
    • “Pre-determined care”
    • Medical Necessity claims and better documentation
    • Violations of the Patient Self-Referral Act
    • EMC Pitfalls
    • Co-Pays and Deductibles
  • Board of Chiropractic Medicine update – new proposed Rules moving forward
  • Direct Healthcare Agreements – Legally establishing a monthly cash flow to provide patient care
  • Massage Establishment Licenses – Need for a Designated Establishment Manager
  • New Federal legislation applies to most all healthcare providers – The No Surprises Act, a brief primer; FCA’s FREE NSA Compliance Manual
  • New FREE HIPAA Privacy & Security Manual with FORMS and Resources

Speaker would like to share: Florida Laws and Regulations Handout.