Overcoming Denials & Increasing Reimbursement: What Payers Don’t Want You to Know

Course Description

Automatic denials, payer recoupment, and improper reimbursements are becoming more and more frequent. In many cases, the denial, payment reduction, or demand for repayment is unjustified and erroneous. Without taking proper steps, Providers are often left writing off these denials or repaying monies that they should not have to. In this presentation, David Klein, a certified medical coder, and auditor will discuss key concepts in defending against unjust denials and recoupment. He will show Providers how to utilize coding, billing, and reimbursement rules, techniques, and resources to limit these erroneous payer tactics.

Learning Objectives

  • Review key areas of risk when it comes to coding and billing for Chiropractic and physical medicine services
  • Identify the key requirements for reduced denials and proper reimbursement
  • Teach healthcare providers and their staff proper medical coding, documentation, and compliance techniques that will help with reimbursement issues while reducing risk of audit including healthcare fraud and abuse

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