Personal Injury ANYONE Can Understand: Intervertebral Disc, Nerve, and Spinal Cord


1. Identify the key characteristics and diagnostic indicators of bone, ligament, intervertebral
disc, and spinal cord injuries using various imaging and diagnostic techniques.

2. Differentiate between acute and chronic injuries by understanding the anatomical and morphological
changes in spinal tissues and how they apply to acute trauma.

3. Communicate effectively with legal and medical professionals regarding the diagnosis, treatment plans,
and implications of spinal injuries in personal injury cases.

Description: Join esteemed speakers William J Owens Jr DC FSBT and Eric Lee DC FSBT for an engaging and
in-depth exploration of spinal tissue in the context of personal injury cases. This comprehensive lecture series
will guide attendees through the diagnosis and understanding of bone, ligament, intervertebral disc, nerve, and
spinal cord issues. Learn how to identify injuries, age-date them, and effectively communicate findings with
legal and medical professionals. This 6-hour course is designed to enhance your diagnostic skills and provide
practical knowledge that can be immediately applied in your practice.