Personal Injury ANYONE Can Understand: Spinal Tissue Ligament


1. Identify the key characteristics and diagnostic indicators of bone, ligament, intervertebral
disc, and spinal cord injuries using various imaging and diagnostic techniques.

2. Differentiate between acute and chronic injuries by understanding the anatomical and morphological
changes in spinal tissues and how they apply to acute trauma.

3. Communicate effectively with legal and medical professionals regarding the diagnosis, treatment plans,
and implications of spinal injuries in personal injury cases.

Description: This comprehensive 2-hour continuing education course is designed to equip chiropractic
professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize blood testing in the management of brain injury
cases. The course will cover the types of brain injuries, the role of neuroimaging, and the emerging significance
of biomarkers in diagnosis and treatment. Participants will learn to interpret and apply these diagnostic tools in
clinical practice, enhancing their ability to manage and support patients with brain injuries.