Powerful & Natural Protocols to a Bright & Clear Brain

Course Description

Every 70 seconds a new Alzheimer’s patient is discovered. A major article in Business Week shows the American Aging Population “Can’t Remember”.

The brain shrinks up to 10% after the age of 50, with loss of Memory, Forgetfulness, Brain Fog, and Stressfulness because we can’t think or decide! This Lecture will give your Practical, Easy, Plant-based supplements to stop Dementia & activate your brain sharper, and more powerful, and restore your Memory. A must information if you are 50 and over, or if you have patients with Brain issues. You will love this lecture!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a Powerful & Natural Protocol for a Bright & Clear Brain!
  • Learn about Brain Shrinkage that occurs starting at 55 years old.
  • Study Pregnenolone’s Role in Helping Brain Cells

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Speaker would like to share: Powerful Natural Protocols Notes and PowerPoint Deck