Powerful & Natural Protocols to a Bright & Clear Brain

Every 70 seconds a new Alzheimer’s patient is discovered. A major article in Business Week shows the

American Aging Population “Can’t Remember”.

The brain shrinks up to 10% after the age of 50, with loss of Memory, Forgetfulness, Brain Fog, and Stressfulness because we can’t think or decide! This Lecture will give your Practical, Easy, Plant based supplements to stop Dementia & activate your brain sharper, more powerful, and restore your Memory. A must information if you are 50 and over, or if you have patients with Brain issues. You will love this lecture!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a Powerful & Natural Protocol for a Bright & Clear Brain!
  • Learn about Brain Shrinkage that occurs starting at 55 years old.
  • Study Pregnenolone’s Role in Helping Brain Cells

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