Precision Chiro Care to Reset Viral-Induced Human Metabolic Reprogramming & Dysregulation-Pt 3


1. Precision Chiropractic protocol(s) based on HMR/D markers to assign long-COVID patients
into Category-II Neuro-Cognitive) and Category-III Skeleto-Muscular) groups.

2. Focus on Chiropractic Upper cervical (neck) adjustment and/or specific Spinal realignment protocols to
support the above cited viral-induced HMR/D Long-COVID categorized groups.

3. Precision Nutrition’ regimen with ‘Metabolic Reset’ for viral-induced HMR/D, along with gender-based
AQUARedox) and system/category-based Omega-Redox) protocols,

4. Use HMR/D-based metabolic markers as detection assay tools to evaluate patient recovery outcomes
from the cumulative Chiropractic Adjustment Metabolic Reset.

Description: This program explores the role of chiropractic care to manage and reset Viral-Induced Human
Metabolic Reprogram/Dysregulation HMR/D, with an emphasis on post-acute sequelae of COVID PASC or
Long-COVID conditions leading to neuro-cognitive and skeleto-muscular impairments. With around 500 million
people globally suffering from long-COVID, there is a dire necessity for chiropractors to educate, train and
adapt to these emerging health challenges, integrating precision chiropractic care with system-targeted
evidence-based bioactive nutrition and integrative healthcare protocols to reset viral-induced HMR/D.