Run Your Practice with Efficiency, Effectiveness and Profitability, in Today’s Culture

Sponsored by: Profitable Practice Strategies

After completing Lori Allen’s training, you will have learned the necessary steps to build your practice to a higher and more stable level. The culture and market may have changed post the pandemic; however, the basic standard still applies. The tools to run your practice Efficiently, Effectively and Profitably are shared and explained. You and your staff hold the keys to implementation and execution. These building blocks are crucial for your practice growth and your patient outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The Standardization of all Processes for both Clinical and Administrative These basic standards are the foundation of growth and stability. Once in place they must remain in place and reviewed quarterly.
  2. Effective Communication. This area is where major challenges arise. We will approach from a three-prong approach. First the style of communication being Proactive. This means the patient is guided and led based on needs Second, communication between team members is critical. Morning huddles are imperative as well as the types of additional meetings and frequency. Third and most importantly is  patient education to ensure  agreement, understanding and commitment thus a positive outcome.
  3. Accountability runs up and down the ‘chain of command.’ It must always be in the forefront in any activities conducted in your practice. From the individual to the team, to the manager/owner. Acknowledge, Own, Plan and Execute
  4. Statistical Tracking and Analysis. Learn how the power of statistics contributes to the success of the practice. Each staff member must know, own, maintain, and report their stats. It’s your road map.
  5. Strong Team with A Positive Attitude. Well-staffed, with the Right Personalities & Skills Set
  6. Expansion Mind Set. All staff members must be of the growth and expansion mindset. Marketing is not an island by itself. Let’s grow your practice from the inside out.