Solving the Obesity Epidemic as A Chiropractor

Course Description

The Obesity Epidemic, according to the CDC, is one of the fastest-growing and dangerous conditions that we are facing. As Doctors of Chiropractors, we are the wholistic and wellness providers. We need to be teaching lifestyle, but also let our patients and communities know that we can help them. In this inspiring presentation, Dr. Fab will go over the statistics and demand by consumers to find a provider that can help their obesity. He will also go over the science and solutions that as Chiropractors we must consider. Lastly, he will share how technology is helping Chiropractors be effective in this arena.

Learning Objectives

  • Empower the Doctor of Chiropractic to tackle the Obesity Epidemic
  • Share facts and science to support the education to our communities and existing patients
  • Share effective communication tools to engage our patients. It will share technologies that are being effective in this battle

Speaker would like to share: Solving the Obesity Epidemic Notes