Documentation Changes and New Standards of Care

Chiropractors often feel isolated in the discussion of mainstream healthcare, believing an equal seat at the healthcare table is far fetched. This class will prove that this isolated thinking is a way of the past, and the future of healthcare depends on the integration of chiropractic, and strategic care plans for your patient is now more than ever; yet it is our job to communicate this effectively. We have invited a panel of doctors to illustrate how documentation and record keeping are communication tools that allow us to interact with the allopathic community. Documented results from Gallup Poll #3 will be followed by chiropractors focusing on different areas of interactive success between chiropractors and the medical model, showcasing how the collaborative community has the greatest benefit for patients. If chiropractic is to take a prominent seat at the healthcare table, it will have to do so with research, statistics, an established outlined care of plan as described by the participants in this panel, and in a spirit of cooperation. With the climate of society and ever changing healthcare, the time is NOW!

Sponsored by: Carrick Institute, National Spine Management Group