Streaming Your Practice with Practice Automation & Business Operating Systems

The objective of this course is to provide doctors with a clear understanding of effective practice automation strategies and business operating systems, with a focus on innovation and unconventional thinking. While chiropractors possess extensive clinical knowledge, they often lack instruction on scalable systems and business principles. We are thrilled to share our proven business model, which has secured a place on the Inc fastest growing company list for four consecutive years, utilizing innovative technology and tested business strategies. By leveraging cutting edge technology, doctors can streamline their business and clinical processes, ultimately saving time and achieving superior clinical outcomes. This course aims to equip doctors with the skills necessary to achieve these goals.

Learning Objectives

  • The advantages of implementing practice automation and business strategies across clinical, patient education, and business operations
  • Understanding the dynamics of automating repetitive tasks in practice through innovative technology
  • Acquiring the fundamental principles essential to transform into a True CEO of your practice

Sponsored by: Blueprint to Practice Automation