Taking You’re “A Game on the Field”; What You Need To Know and Hands -On Techniques That Can Help Game Day No Matter The Level Of Play

At all levels of competition, there are opportunities for a sports minded chiropractor to help in the care of an athlete. But what if it is on the field? What if you do not have your perfect height adjusting table? We will cover the do’s and don’ts of treating on the sidelines from the Pee Wees to the Pros. Risk management is always a concern when treating on the field. We will cover some of the screening dos and don’ts before you provide any on field care. We will get into some techniques that will allow you to better help an athlete in performance enhancement or post injury treatment.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Risk Management concerns for on – field treatments.
  2. The importance of injury assessment and evaluation of any athlete.
  3. 3 Active care options for providing on field chiropractic care.



  1. Prior to stepping onto a field, define your roll on the field as a sports doctor of chiropractic.
  2. On field access to athletes at different levels of play.
    1. Recreational
    2. High School
    3. College
    4. Professional
  3. Risk management concerns of providing on field treatments
    1. Consent for minors
    2. Medical release
    3. Documentation
    4. Is there a chain of command?
    5. Importance of protecting yourself physically.
  4. Hands on / On field care when you do not have a table to treat the following areas.  Assessment, technique, return to play.
    1. Lower back
    2. Middle back
    3. Neck