TCM Accessory Techniques for Pain and Reducing Risk: Cupping/Ba Gua

For many chiropractic physicians, we did not have a lot of time for hands-on practice for TCM accessory techniques of healing. In this sessions, we will focus on the uses of cupping (ba gua), moxibustion and gua sha – how, when and why to chose these techniques, reduce risk and how to apply them safely for your patients. 

Learning Objectives 

  1. Cupping / Ba Gua: Define the history of cupping / myofascial decompression
  2. Explain the safety and parameter for successful application of cupping or myofascial decompression in a clinical setting
  3. Review necessities for charting, treatment plans and coding for cupping / myofascial decompression
  4. Practical application of cupping to be practiced in class for various conditions


CLICK HERE to view the power point slides: Accessory techniques Moxa and Cupping 2022