The 3 Things Most DCs Overlook in Patient Treatment/Technique: That Decreases Patient Results, Retention and Referrals

Course Description

Attendees will learn Dr. Mally’s top 3 secrets to enhance the 3 R’s(Results, Retention, and Referrals) focusing on technique mastery in your practice. This is a powerful action packed fast paced informative lecture. As you know, Dr. Mally’s presentations are AMAZING and feature his enthusiastic, educational, comedic, and high energy, content-rich information and technique demonstrations always leaving the audience wanting more. In fact, that is why Dr. Mally is one of the most sought-after speakers and is frequently asked to return to speak for the FCA.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to identify, compare, differentiate, and interpret the techniques required to enhance results, formulate retention strategies
  • Implement additional techniques, x-rays, and protocols, make recommendations for additional care, and utilize referral linguistics predicated on outcomes of care
  • Live demonstrations of techniques will afford attendees an element to add to their practices on Monday morning

Sponsored by: Mally Enterprise

Speaker would like to share: The 3 Things Most DCs Overlook in Patient Treatment/Technique Notes