The Front Desk Role in Practice Stability and Growth

As providers and chiropractic assistants, we all understand the value of structured and efficient front office systems and hopefully, make a consistent effort to establish and maintain these processes.  However, what we don’t always immediately think of are the other critical functions that take place right at the front desk of every clinic, at every single patient encounter, in person and by phone.  Join this two hour segment to discuss how the front office is instrumental to positive patient relationships that build and maintain trust and credibility for the business as a whole, as well as stimulate referrals for practice growth.   Having more encounters with patients than any other role or department in the practice, the front desk is truly front and center, when it comes to practice success.  Together, we will discuss communications, common questions and answers, common obstacles, and solutions, when it comes to patient relationships.  We will also review effective front office implementations to help stimulate product sales (if applicable), rescheduling and referrals.