Documentation in Personal Injury plus Documentation Compliance with the No Surprises Act

The Course will instruct attendees on the No Surprises Act (NSA), a January 1st, 2022, law impacting physicians who treat uninsured or self-pay patients. The law is mandatory and applies to most physicians. The presenters will teach attendees how to get through the NSA, including the Good Faith Estimate required for these patients.


Learning Objectives

  • Able to identify, prevent and resolve legal and ethical violations (fouls), intentional or otherwise, committed by patients, attorneys, and insurers
  • Understand and prevent the legal and ethical violations providers can make when dealing with PI patients and their attorneys, as well as with insurers
  • Adept at complying with the NSA’s consent and GFE requirements, and regulatory disclosure and documentation mandates
  • Understand the risks of NSA non-compliance
  • Inclusion of co-providers/co-facilities in GFEs
  • Government fines and legal action
  • Threats from attorneys willing to use non-compliance to force drastic reductions or waivers of provider bills
  • Increased understanding of how the Patient/Provider Dispute Resolution (PPDR) process works
  • Awareness of the unexpected growth opportunities that the NSA presents


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