The Philosophy, Business Acumen, Strategies & Tactics Needed for Superior Professional Performance

No two chiropractors practice alike! They come from big cities or from small towns and graduate from different colleges, many of whom are philosophical while others lean toward a more didactic/scientific viewpoint. They learn various techniques, practice on whatever days they prefer and only the hours that are convenient to their lifestyle.  They have a fee per visit or use case fees. They are insurance dependent or not, take PIP cases, worker’s compensation, or a combination of all. They travel around the globe taking seminars to enhance and expand their knowledge or build better attitudes, etc. Or stay they home and never alter and modernize their physical plants, nor their concepts and visions.

Given all the above, how does a speaker touch every base and give enough strategies, action steps, concepts and visions to make a difference.

It won’t be easy, but as they say, when the student is ready the teacher appears.  Please get ready and come to my session with an open mind. My intent is to move you from one dimension of behavior toward another!  Change your mind and change your life!

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