The Role of the Primary Care Physician in Preventing Medical Errors in Diagnosing and Co Managing Common Cancers

In this stand alone session, Dr. Kleber will review signs and symptoms of common cancers seen in a chiropractic physician’s office. Proper techniques of examination and laboratory testing will be emphasized to make sure a possible cancer diagnosis is not missed. The possibilities of medical errors while co treating a cancer patient will also be discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • Teach the attendees the signs and symptoms of common cancers to be looked for in a primary care office to assure that the possibility of medical errors is mitigated
  • Help the attendee prevent medical errors when co treating patients treated with traditional allopathic medicine
  • Teach the students how to question patients in a consultation to help minimize the possibility of missing a common cancer

Sponsored by: Biotics Research Corporation


Presentation Notes
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